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McTague Law Firm LLP has a story that reflects our rich history and pioneering insight in Windsor and Essex county that spans nearly a century. As the law firm has grown exponentially since its founding in 1920, so have the relationships we have built. McTague has cultivated the way we do business by providing a culture of service excellence and relationship-based offerings to our clients.

This philosophy began with founder Charles P. McTague who practised with the firm until his appointment in 1935 to the Supreme Court of Ontario. In 1938, The Honourable Justice Charles McTague was appointed to the Court of Appeal for the Province of Ontario , a position he held until his retirement in 1944. He then accepted a position as Chairman of the National Labour Relations Board. In addition, Justice McTague served on the Wartime Contracts Board and later served as Counsel to the Investment Dealers Association of Canada.

Miss Helen McTague was another influential person who focused on providing relevant solutions that added value to the firms’ clients. She joined the firm in 1923 and served as partner from the mid-1920’s to her retirement from active practice in 1967.

Throughout the 1920’s and early 1930’s, the firm diversified by specializing in development work, Civil Litigation and Corporate Law. In addition to Charles P. McTague, partners of the firm included James H. Clark (later Speaker of the Legislature of the Province of Ontario), Lorne Cumming (later City Solicitor for the City of Windsor and Chairman of the Ontario Municipal Board), and Armand Racine (later Public Trustee for the Province of Ontario).

In 1941, Mr. Charles J. Clark, Q.C. joined the firm as a partner where he continued his distinguished practise in the Corporate Commercial area for 53 years until his retirement from the firm in 1994. While at the firm, Mr. Clark devoted a considerable amount time serving the community. He was prominent leader that fostered growth and prosperity of many community projects including the University of Windsor where he acted as Chairman of the Board of Governors. He was also a member of many boards, which were volunteer appointments. He was a special appointee of the Government of Ontario to review medical and related practices. Mr. Clark’s passion for the community created a lasting impression and the firm continues to invest in Windsor and its surrounding areas to this day.

In 1967, the firm merged with the well-established Whiteside, Coughlin & Whiteside law firm founded by John Rodd and Ernest Wigle. Mr. Rodd was a distinguished counsel and was one of the last to appear before the Judicial Committee of Privy Council. Mr. Wigle served as Mayor of the City of Windsor in the late 1930’s. John W. Whiteside practised with the firm until his retirement from the partnership in 1976 to accept a position with the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor. Maurice F. Coughlin practised with the firm until his retirement in 1984.

In 1981, in the midst of the recession, the partners of the McTague Law Firm purchased lands and constructed their law offices on Pelissier Street in the City of Windsor. The newly built offices stand as a symbol of the firm’s commitment and dedication to serve their clients and the community.

Since 1920, McTague has continued to grow and expand by responding to the ever-changing needs of our clients and community. One thing has remained unchanged throughout our nearly 100-year heritage: the firm has remained loyal to our commitment to excellence in client service. We believe that understanding where you come from has an undeniable impact on where you are heading. With the firm’s deeply rooted heritage, McTague focuses on providing service centered around strong values, integrity, leadership and a continuous passion to serve our clients.